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Few Americans knew tae kwon do when Mountain Kim opened his first school in Falls Church in 1973. So the Korean martial arts champion would don his white dobok and give demonstrations in grocery stores, parking lots and anywhere else he would be allowed to perform. Breaking stacks of boards with his bare hands and other feats would draw crowds, and Kim would hand out fliers about his tae kwon do and judo classes.

Today, tae kwon do is an official Olympic sport, and Kim runs a chain of more than 20 Mountain Kim Martial Arts schools in the metropolitan Washington area. Kim credits tae kwon do’s rise from its roots in Korea, where it’s the national sport, to the fact that the self-defense moves are easy to learn, teach coordination and mental focus, and help people unwind while losing weight. ”This is good for kids, good for discipline,” says Kim, who’s never studied English formally. “Teaches respect for teacher and home. Very good sport.”

Meet Our Masters

James An
James AnMaster
Mar 2003 – Feb 2007 Bachelor Degree, Kyung Won University in Sung Nam, Republic of Korea
Major in Physical Education (Taekwondo concentration)
• 2008 Certification in Tae Kwon Do instructor by world teakwondo headquarters
• 2008 Certification in Athletic coaching
• 2008 Certification in Leisure and sports Master
• 2008 Certification in Tae Kwon Do referee by world teakwondo headquarters
• 2015 Certification in Tae Kwon Do Black belt in fifth degree
• 2008 Han Ma Dang World Tae Kwon Do Organization 1th place in Team Competition.
• 2004 2004 Brazil Open Tae Kwon Do championship 1st place in Form
• 2003 Princes Syria, Lebanon and Jordan invited to perform taekwondo Demonstration Middle East.
• 2004 16th Asian Tae Kwon Do Championship, Opening TKD Demonstration
• 2004 Brazil Open Taekwondo Championship, Opening TKD Demonstration
• 2004 Captain of Kyung Won University Tae Kwon Do Demonstration Team
• 2007 World Korea Open Taekwondo Championship, Opening Demonstration
• 2008 Member of WTF (World Tae Kwon Do Federation Demonstration Team)
• 2008 Han Ma Dang World Tae Kwon Do Team Demonstration
• 2008 Coach for USTC, Inc. In Colorado
• 2010 Canada National Team Member Support Coach
• 2008 – 2015 Master Instructor in Taekwondo in the United of States
Master JK
Master JKMaster

Graduated from University of Education of Korea University with major in physical education, 2008

• 2007 Certification in Tae Kwon Do instructor by World Taekwondo Headquarter
• 2008 Qualification as public middle and high school teacher, Physical Education (Bureau of Education)
• 2008 Certification in Taekwondo instructor by Korea Taekwondo Association
• 2008 Certification in Athletic Coaching
• 2014 Certification in Taekwondo referee by World Taekwondo Headquarters
• 2014 Certification in Taekwondo Black belt in 6th degree by world Taekwondo headquarters
• 2014 Certification in Rhy-Kwon(Cardio Kickboxing) International Master by Korea Rhy-Kwon association
* Officially recommended by Korea Taekwondo association and World teakwood headquarters (2008,2009)

• 2001 National Sparring Competition, 1st
• 2002 National Sparring Competition, 1st
• 2003 National Sparring Competition, 1st
(In addition, She has received 20 more awards)

* 2005-2008 Master Instructor in Taekwondo in Seoul, Republic of Korea
* 2006-2008 Teacher of PE class at Kindergarten in Seoul
* 2008 High School Teacher in Seoul, Republic of Korea
* 2008-2009 Master Instructor in Taekwondo at Englewood high school in NJ, U.S.A
* 2014 Master Instructor in Rhy-Kwon in Seoul, Republic of Korea
* 2008 – 2015 Master Instructor in Taekwondo in the United States of America.

Meet Our Staffs

Mi Lee
Mi LeeAfter School Manager
Linda Alejo
Linda AlejoInstructor
Willis Martin
Willis MartinInstructor